Private Event FAQs

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- What is the price of renting a space?
On Mondays and Tuesdays, it’s free! It’s $20 an hour for Wednesdays and Thursdays and $30 an hour Friday through Sunday. We do also require a 3 hour minimum for paid parties.

-Does this price include my bar tab?
No, this is simply to book the room itself. All parties must spend at least $200 at the bar per space between all of their guests. This can be done on one tab or individual tabs. There’s an automatic 20% Gratuity added to all single tab parties.

-Are there any other fees due when booking?
We ask for a $100 Incidental Deposit. This is to help ensure the fun and safety of our guests in the brewery. 100% of it is refunded to you after your event assuming all goes well with the event.

-How could I lose the Incidental Deposit
There are really only a few things we’re sticklers about:

  -No confetti, silly string, or taping anything to our painted walls
  -No open flames (except Sternos)
  -No outside beverages (especially alcohol) on the premises, including our parking lot
  -Guests under 21 must stay within the party area unless accompanied by an adult
  -Please do not move any tables (chairs are perfectly fine to move)
  -Balloons must be anchored and deflated after party ends
  - Any damage done to West Side Brewing property
  - You receive multiple warnings about the behavior of your guests

-How long will it take to receive a response once I fill out the Private Event Request Form?
Our response times are pretty quick. We will respond to your event request within 48 hours. However, weekends are quite busy for us. If you put in an event request on a Friday evening, you may not see a response until Monday morning.

-Let’s say I inquired about a space. Will you hold that space for me while I figure out details with co-hosts?
After receiving our initial inquiry, that space is yours for 72 hours after the Taproom Manager responds to you. Once that time period has passed, we can’t guarantee that the same date and time will be available. We will still do our best to accommodate your event, however. 

- How many people fit in each space?
The Private Party Room accommodates 45-50 people. The Beer Hall- Tanks holds between 55-60 people. The Beer Hall- Barrels holds between 50-55 people.

- What if I want to book more than one room?
You absolutely can. We do ask that you hit the cap for one room before booking a second. If you want to book all three spaces, your party must have a minimum of 125 people.

-Am I able to bring in food or have food catered?
We no longer allow outside food. We now have an awesome partnership with Catch-A-Fire Pizza. You can email them at and start that process once you book.

-Am I able to bring in drinks for kids?
We do not allow any outside beverages at West Side Brewing. This is to help ensure outside alcohol is not brought onto the premises. We have soft drinks available for purchase individually or by the pitcher.

-Are kids allowed in the taproom?
Yes, but we are only 21 and up after 9:30. We do ask that guests under 21 stay within the party area. We also do not allow running around the taproom, as we’ve had injuries in the past. Please feel free to bring games or anything of the sort.

-What about decorations? I know not to bring in confetti or confetti balloons. What can I bring?
Balloons must be anchored to the table. Please don’t tape anything to any wall that has paint on it. Other than that, you can really decorate however you’d like. Any decorations left up may result in a loss of your Deposit. 

-Am I able to come in early or stay late to set up or tear down decorations?Unfortunately, no. Please be sure to book for the amount of time you need, including set up and clean up. This helps us with scheduling staff members behind the bar, and we’ll often have parties booked right before or right after yours.

-Where should I tell my guests to park?
We have a small lot behind the building on Ruehlman. There are two public lots nearby. One is on Ruehlman Ave. behind our building. The other is behind W Bar and Bistro by Harrison Ave. and Epworth. Both of these charge $2 for the entire day. On most Friday evenings and Saturdays all day, our gracious neighbors at Westwood United Methodist Church allow Public Parking.

-What drinks do you have besides delicious beer and cider made on location?
We have wine from Revel OTR, NA beer from Athletic Brewing Company, and various liquor options. We can do simple drinks like rum and Coke, but we don’t have the ingredients for a Manhattan most of the time. Ask the bartender for suggestions! We also have a rotating beer cocktail. This is always some sort of juice mixed with liquor on tap, and we add ice and beer to it before mixing.

-Am I able to play music or bring in a PA to do announcements?
We have music playing on the taproom speakers, and PAs are only allowed in the Private Room. The only exception to this is if you have all three spaces booked. We ask that volume is kept at a reasonable level, as we will always have other guests in the taproom. We want to be respectful of their experience as well. If the volume is too high, the bartender will let you know

-I don’t see any TVs in the Beer Hall. Are we allowed to bring our own?
Unfortunately, no. Great news, however! There’s a projector in the Beer Hall that shows major sporting events. This projector is also available to rent for another $30, but only if the entire Beer Hall is rented.

-What if I need to cancel my event
Things happen. We completely understand. You may cancel your event any time before the Monday preceding it. After that, there are no refunds. Exceptions can always be made, and we can always push the event back. We are pretty flexible!

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Private Party Room

(Accommodates approximately 50 people)

Our Private Party Room is a private venue option that allows you to close the doors to have your space separate from the rest of the taproom.  If you want to become part of the taproom at any time during your event, just have our bar staff open the garage door to let the noise and vibe of the taproom in!  This room has tables with seating for 45 people.  You have your own TV so you can broadcast the game you want to watch or play a slide show (via HDMI) to follow your party theme (if you need help setting up the TV or opening the garage door, please ask the bartender). There is a built-in 12 foot serving table on the left side of the room (with a plug) and a new built-in 12 foot table against the back wall of the room.

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Beer Hall Tanks

(Accommodates approximately 60 people)

The Beer Hall Tanks area is a semi-private space right in our taproom with views of the brewing tanks. This space includes a 12' long bench style table with 4 or 5 high tops and a smaller 8' picnic-style table for standing and socializing all while looking in on the brew tanks!  You are part of the taproom with a view of the big screen so it is a fun, lively environment for your party! There are pallet board room dividers to separate you from the other group.

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Beer Hall Barrels

(Accommodates approximately 50 people)

The Beer Hall Barrels area is another semi-private space in our taproom.  This space includes a 12' long bench style table with 4 or 5 high tops and a smaller 8' picnic-style table for standing and socializing. There are pallet board room dividers to separate you from the other group. It is a great space if you want your party to be up mingling and circulating with each other!  It is right next to the bar and has a view of the big screen if you are looking to watch the big game!

Please note, we do not publish our private events on our public calendar so please submit your request as soon as you know your date. We are booking fast!